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AXR Napa Valley

AxR1 2016 | 3 pack

AxR1 2016 | 3 pack

2016 was a near-perfect growing season thanks to ideal weather conditions, giving Napa Valley another winner in a string of historic vintages. Spring bud-break came early due to dry and relatively warm soils from the winter drought. There was a slight carry-over effect of that advanced timing in producing a low flower count and lighter fruit set (fewer potential grapes and smaller clusters at maturity). However, the thinner grape population was actually beneficial as it focused the vine’s potential flavor energy on fewer bunches. Minimal heat spells and consistently cool nights across the summer months allowed the clusters to ripen slowly and evenly while protecting natural acidity. 

tasting notes

on the rim: dark shiny ruby with touches of iris and eggplant

on the nose: beautiful deep nose with touches of cedar, black currant, pine, cookie dough, tobacco, brown sugar, black pepper and paprika

on the palate: velvety entrance evolving on a dense and silky mid-palate with touches of blackberry jam and cantaloupe lingering on dense granular tannins with ripe plum, applesauce and cinnamon

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